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P2 Vision+ Carbon Fiber Camera Guard

$ 12.95 $ 35.00

Our Top of the Line protection for your P2V+
Don't settle for cheap knock offs, get the original, get the best


Few materials match the beauty and eye appeal of carbon fiber. It's strength and light weight make it a favorite in the aerospace industry.

The camera guard attaches to the slot on the inside surface of the DJI Phantom's landing skids. It is best to attach at least two zip ties to each side, but some customers use three on each side. This not only makes for a secure attachment, but also reinforces the landing legs making them stiffer. You will notice a difference when hand catching the Phantom Vision +, it feels more solid.

Attachment points have been designed into the camera guard to allow for a camera mounting plate and other options to be added in the future. This camera mounting plate will allow for the addition of different cameras by way of a standard camera mount. I will post pictures of the camera mount soon.

weight: 14-15g


Wobble of Death...But Survived by srandall25 » Thu Jul 03, 2014 12:01 pm

"Phantom flying near rock ridge in mountains, wobbles violently uncontrollably about 30' high, doesn't respond to any control inputs including my full throttle left stick up to ascend.. it keeps wobbling while descending.. hits rock ridge (side of mountain), tumbles down about 15'... Battery ejected but good. 3 broken props, gimbal and camera NOT harmed!!!! Thank you, thank you, gimbal guard!!!"



"Got my new design camera guard today.  Gary, this thing is a work of art!"      by tlastrange » Sat Jul 26, 2014 12:18 pm


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