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Big Balls for Phantom - Power Ball Motor Caps

$ 9.95

Why do you need motor caps on your Phantom during transport? Check out the photo below. I actually found a piece of black plastic in my motor after transporting my Phantom in a backpack. The raw threads from the motor shaft had abraded a piece of the upper liner of my backpack and pieces had fallen off, one landing inside my motor. This could have caused a motor failure during flight if it had gone unnoticed.

DJI Phantom 3 motor

The Power Ball motor caps from UAV Bits are designed to go on easily and are just snug enough to stay in place, even with the quadcopter turned upside down. Which is a big plus for those that use removable attachments that require inverting the Phantom.

Power Balls come in a set of four.

Made to fit Phantom 2 Vision+, all Phantom 3's (new and old motor), Phantom 4's and any quad with 28-29mm diameter motors.

Blue Strong Arms not included.


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