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Marco Polo Saddlebag

$ 22.95

Ideal attachment point for Marco Polo GPS
Easy access to Marco Polo unit
snap-on lid

The UAV Bits Saddlebags are the ideal solution for attaching the popular Marco Polo Recovery System to the DJI Phantom 3 series. It will fit the DJI Phantom 3 Pro, Adv, and Standard. The Saddlebags attach to the landing legs of the Phantom and will not loosen in flight or in a crash. The snap-on lid makes inserting and removing the Marco Polo an easy process when its time to recharge the unit. The activation button is also accessible through the oval opening in the top of the lid. The oval opening also allows the antenna to project outside the Saddlebags for maximum signal strength.

The Phantom 3 Saddlebags are currently available in white only. Other colors will be introduced soon, but if you can't wait contact us and we'll try to accommodate your color request.

Don't have a Marco Polo? Clink the link below for more info:

New for 2017! We can now add your phone number or FAA license number to your Marco Polo Saddlebag for $5.00 more ($22.95 plus shipping)

**please allow 2-3 days for custom orders to be shipped**

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