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Stronger P3 Carbon Fiber Camera Guard with Utility Hole

$ 19.95 $ 25.95

Fits the P3P & P3A

Lightweight-will not reduce flight time

**About our New Carbon Fiber Camera Guard with Utility Hole**

Rigidity improvements for the carbon fiber camera guard, encapsulating the center span in plastic, offering a utility hole of ¼ inch, and giving an area of color to the product. This improvement is a request for a more rigid unit and the addition of a utility hole for a ¼ inch bolt to pass through for attachments.

The DJI Phantom 3 uses a thin ribbon cable that can be easily abraded and damaged when landing on uneven surfaces or in minor crashes. Our new carbon fiber camera guard is designed to help protect the ribbon cable without ever getting in the way of the camera or the sensors mounted beneath the battery.

Most crashes that result in camera and gimbal damage are the result of the Phantom crashing into the ground, pavement, trees, buildings, posts, or other structures. When the Phantom crashes belly down, the weak plastic legs have a tendency to spread apart and expose the camera. The camera is the next part of the Phantom to absorb the impact. Our camera guard is designed to bind the legs together and resist separating thus preventing the camera from coming into contact with the ground or other objects.

***Use of zip ties are mandatory for product, and included.***


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