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20" Circular Helipad

$ 49.95

Your Own Personal Helipad

Keep your camera out of the dew, sand, dirt, mud, and grass.

The Helipad landing platform for the DJI Phantom series of quadcopters is ideally designed to provide a clean dry area to launch and land on. The Helipad can be placed directly on the ground or raised above the ground with our 2.5 inch legs. Excellent for tall grass or sandy beaches.

The Helipad also features a series of three rings making it a fun challenge to score the best landing. As a game players can compete for the highest score; 5 points for the center bull's eye, 3 points for the middle ring, 2 points for outer ring, and 1 point for landing on the platform outside the last ring. The game lends itself to playing with any quadcopter that is small enough to land within the 8 inch center bull's eye. Great fun for indoor quadcopters on rainy days. Great for flying clubs or local meets!

When elevated on its legs, the perforated surface reduces the ground effect that gives quadcopters their bouncy landing characteristics and landing flops.

The Helipad is available in fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow, painted black, painted yellow, and painted red. 


**Please allow 2-3 days for item to be shipped as each item is made to order**


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