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Strong Arm Reinforcement Plates for the P2 Vision+

$ 7.95 $ 14.95

Strengthens the arm on the P2
Distributes the stress over larger area
Incorporates all 6 screws
4 plates and all screws included in kit

Made in USA

Strong Arm Motor Reinforcement Plate for Phantom 3

Many P2 owners have reported cracks around the motor mount and or around the two torx screws that hold the shell together. This may be due to the increased torque generated by the DJI Phantom 2's beefier motors. The plastic in this area of the arm is very thin.
To prevent cracking and or separation of the lower shell half, the Strong Arm reinforcement plate ties all six screws together and distributes the forces across the plate instead of focusing the force in the recessed area around the screws. Just as a washer under a bolt spreads out the force, so does the Strong Arm.

Some Phantom owners have even reported the entire motor coming loose and separating from the Phantom. The Strong Arm insures that this will never happen, by providing a broad strong base for the motor to attach, and reinforcing the plastic of the DJI Phantom's shell.

The Strong Arm Reinforcement Plates weigh only 12g.

Why buy the UAV Bits Strong Arms?

  • We use only high quality materials in our products.
  • Our Strong Arm Kits come with non-magnetic stainless steel screws to prevent interfering with the Phantom's sensitive compass
  • engineered multi-layer construction for light weight, stiffness and compressibility that injection molding cannot duplicate
  • The only product with a proven track record of being effective against cracks
  • Over 1,000 sets sold

Don't be fooled by cheap China knockoffs.


 What you'll need:

T8 torx driver-to remove small screws that hold the shell

1.5mm hex driver-for replacement screws that hold the shell

2.5mm hex driver-to remove motor screws


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