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DJI Phantom Humidity Fix

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This new product offers Dust Cover protection with a very large Desiccant Insert, which will extend dust & sand protection to include the Desiccant Insert that will protect your Phantom 2 & Phantom 3 from humidity when battery is not in place. 

It also includes color indicating from blue to pink as saturation increases, and can be returned to blue (dry) by placing it in a low humidity environment.


Listening to many stories about unexplained Phantom failure over water, on the beach, and other high humidity profiles, I started looking for physical reasons that would explain this problem. Fixing this problem will allow me to photograph exciting new visions in the worst of climate situations.

The physics are as follows:

  1. Condensation "change from vapor to liquid" happens, in our case, when we remove our unit from a warm environment into a cold environment, such as during pre-flight and after flight with the battery installed. Condensation can also exist when storing and transporting our Phantom.
  2. Humidity "atmospheric moisture" can affect our electrical systems inside connections, printed circuit boards, and the open motors. Photographing during a light snow, light rain, light fog, and early morning can provide interesting shots but also provides humidity we have to compete with.

The Dust Cover with Desiccant Insert offers a defense against humidity if the following procedures are used.

  1. Remove the battery when your Phantom is not flying, and insert the Dust Cover with Desiccant Insert.
  2. Check the desiccant color occasionally "blue indicates dry, and pink indicates wet" to determine its protection ability. The outside pellets will change color first; so, shake the desiccant container to determine what the average percentage of humidity is.
  3. Remove and replace the Dust Cover with Desiccant Insert with a dry unit when the pink color is dominant.
  4. The wet unit will return to a dry state "blue" when placed in a dry environment.

Do not put in oven or microwave.

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