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Gimbal Clamp & Lens Cover

$ 5.00

High Visibility Colors
Tough Durable
Stylish Design
Securely Holds Camera and Gimbal during transport
For P3A and P3P ***Does not fit the Phantom 3 Standard***

The UAV Bits Gimbal Clamp is an excellent replacement for that factory piece that keeps falling off. The Gimbal Clamp is designed to attach securely to the gimbal and surround the camera, protecting the lens without ever actually touching it or trapping dirt and grit against the lens.
The Phantom 3 Gimbal Clamp attaches to the gimbal board utilizing specially designed ridges to line up with the cooling fins that give a secure grasp, without obscuring the air flow.

It will never fall off on its own, or even as the result of rough and bumpy travel.

The UAV Bits Gimbal Clamp and Lens Cover protects the lens by surrounding it, but never coming in direct contact with the lens.
Unlike a traditional lens cap that can trap dirt and grit against the lens and actually cause damage, our design surrounds and protects the lens without the possibility of ever touching it or pressing foreign debris against the glass surface of the lens.

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