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Joystick Extensions

$ 7.95

Greater control, better grip, smoother video, that's what you can expect from extended joysticks. One of the great tips (or secrets) to smoother flying and smoother video is to extend the joysticks on the DJI controllers. Aerial video professionals have been doing it since the Phantom first came out. Now it's easy for anyone to do, with the UAV Bits Joystick Extenders.

The Joystick Extenders screw right on to the DJI controllers joysticks. Simply unscrew the top of the joystick, place the knurled top into the Joystick Extenders and then screw the assembly back onto the joystick base. Quick, easy, and amazingly effective.

includes one pair of joystick extenders

Whether you use just your thumb, or the two finger method on the joysticks, you'll appreciate the knurled surface of the Joystick Extenders, giving you a sure grip on the controls.

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