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A Lens Cap with SD Holder for Phantom 3 Pro and Adv

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Another first from UAV Bits, a lens cap and gimbal lock that holds extra SD cards so that you always have spares close at hand.

Being a bit forgetful, and often in a rush, I ran out the other day to capture a video of birds circling in the sky not far away. Not wanting to waste time, I didn't check my equipment before I left. I drove down to the end of the street, where the birds were, and quickly started up my Phantom 3, only to be greeted with the "NO SD Card" warning. I checked my backpack and then remembered I had used my extra SD card the other day for a different project and it was at home setting on my desk. The card that is usually in my Phantom was also at home, in my computer! I had forgotten about the SD card not being in my Phantom. I watched the birds circle for another minute and then take off. An opportunity lost because I did not have an SD card with me.

Returning home, I decided to solve the situation of not being able to check, quickly, and easily for an SD card. I designed a camera lock/lens cover that would hold extra SD cards. I wanted to be able to see the SD cards easily and I wanted them to be securely held in place. I worked all night on various designs and by morning I had just what I wanted.

I made it in a bright yellow so that the black SD cards would be highly visible. I gave the slots a tapper so that the SD cards would be held tightly in place and not fall out, even if I inadvertently dropped the lens cap. Now I will never be out in the field again without an extra SD card.


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