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Lens Filter Wrench

Lens Filter Wrench

$ 4.95

Makes removal of the stock DJI Lens easy

Will not damage the lens

Will not harm the aluminum housing

I tried to muscle the lens off my Phantom 3, with absolutely no luck. And I have strong hands. I knew there had to be a better way, so I designed a wrench that would fit the DJI lens and get a good grip on it without harming it and provide the leverage needed to loosen the lens.

After removing the lens and seeing how thin the aluminum is around the lens, I believe that trying to remove the lens with your fingers puts stress on the aluminum and causes it to distort and put the threads in a mind. So no matter how hard you twist, it only binds the lens onto the Phantom that much more. The Lens Filter Wrench is designed to put the force onto the edge of the DJI lens, where it is strongest and least likely to warp. With the force applied only to the edge, the lens loosens easily and unscrewing it becomes a snap.


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