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DJI Phantom Sub-Frame

$ 39.00

Makes the Phantom's arms rock solid
Eliminates twisting from motor torque
Reduces stress on shell
Prevents motors from breaking free

In response to the many requests we have had for a carbon fiber shell for the DJI Phantom 3, we developed the Sub-Frame. A full carbon fiber shell for the Phantom 3 would cost $400-$500 and while it would provide maximum durability for the Phantom, it would be too expensive for most flyers. So we did the next best thing, we designed and constructed a sub-frame that would provide the same amount of strength and rigidity to the arms of the Phantom 3.

The Sub-Frame is constructed of a lightweight carbon fiber material that provides the stiffness and strength to resist the torque of the Phantom's four motors. By relieving the Phantom's shell of any and all twisting motions it greatly increases the strength of the Phantom 3. It's a difference that can readily be felt after installing the Sub-Frame. It makes the Phantom rock solid.

Looking like a runaway from a Terminator movie, the Sub-Frame will be sure to grab other pilots attention wherever you fly.

The Sub-Frame sits under the Phantom's arms and inside the prop wash, which minimizes any additional drag to the Phantom (less than prop guards).

The Sub-Frame weighs 44 grams.


Why do you need a UAV Bits Sub-Frame?

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