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Skull Joystick Extensions

$ 4.95

Give yourself more control by extending the height of your joysticks. It's a trick used by many professional flyers. A longer joystick gives more precise control. And these extenders are truly awesome! They come in multiple color options for a custom look and the roughened top surface gives a good grip to insure that you're never out of control.

These Celtic Skulls increase the joystick height by a full 12mm, but leave ample space between the screen holder and joysticks for even the largest thumbs. Easy to install, they simply snap over the top of the DJI joysticks. No need to unscrew or disassemble anything. Will not restrict range of motion of the joysticks.

Custom colors available by request.

Includes 2 Skull Joystick Extenders

Fits Phantom 2, 3, & 4

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